We are Professional Creative Innovative Experienced

We are, 7 Motions Media, 7MM, a professional production studio with over 20 years of industry experience.
Home of creativity and passion, we seek to let your dreams take flight with a client sided approach. We make your vision our mission, partnering you and creating unforgettable encounters. From the moment we identify your needs, wants, and expectations to the moment we make your dreams a reality, we make it our mission to create that wow-factor product, especially for you.
We are a Full Cycle Creative Studio that seeks to work in tandem with you, covering every aspect of your project.

Listening to your ideas, conceptualising, storyboarding, scripting, filming until the post-editing to realise your magnum opus.


Virtual Productions

Global interconnectivity, made easy.

Interactive Media

Smooth, captivating and a treat for the eyes.


Engaging, Interactive, creativity unbridled.

Media Production

Fleeting moments, encapsulated.

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